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favourite RICHANNE moments

The price of power (Richard III)

get to know me meme  [3/10] favorite tv shows → the white queen

"This is what you get when you put the devil on the throne of England."

Joaquin Phoenix as Emperor Commodus (Gladiator, 2000)


"I never thought he would die.”

Odysseus, on his journey home to Ithaca, is visited by a ghost. The ghost tells him that once he reaches his home — once he slays his enemies and sets his house in order — he must do one more thing before he can rest. The ghost says he must take up an oar and walk inland, and keep walking until someone mistakes that oar for a shovel. For that would be a place where no man has ever been troubled by the sea, and that’s where he’d find peace.”

get to know me meme  [2/10] favorite tv shows → the musketeers

"If this gets me hanged, I’m going to take it very personally."


d’artagnan is done with your shit (◡‿◡✿)